Street Photography 2024

2MZ_4598_export_klein2 Nowhere to sit
Nowhere to sit
5MK_1559_export_klein Alone together
Alone together
2MZ_4101_export_klein City Life
City Life
2MZ_4459_export_klein3 Shopping
2MZ_4383_export_klein Shadows and Reflections
Shadows and Reflections
2MZ_4281_export_klein Going shopping
Going shopping
2MZ_4256_export_klein2 The couple and the sea
The couple and the sea
2MZ_4462_export_klein The reading girl
The reading girl
2MZ_4218_export_klein Three Trains
Three Trains
2MZ_4356_export_klein The ramp
The ramp
2MZ_4172_export_klein Two more years until sixty-four
Two more years until sixty-four
4MK_7027_export_klein The Headless Ones
The Headless Ones
5MK_7839_export_klein A strange woman
A strange woman
2MZ_4072_export_klein Always Keep Calm!
Always Keep Calm!
2MZ_3976_export_klein There's nothing outside
There's nothing outside
2MZ_4001_export_klein Bird feeding
Bird feeding
2MZ_4034_export_klein Houses watching over you
Houses watching over you
2MZ_3944_export_klein The big sip
The big sip
2MZ_3686_export_klein Summer in the City II
Summer in the City II
2MZ_3733_export_klein Over the Line
Over the Line