Street Photography 2023

2MZ_1596_export_klein Waiting for New Year's Eve
Waiting for New Year's Eve
2MZ_1587_export_klein The silence
The silence
2MZ_1454_export_klein In the Museum
In the Museum
2MZ_1387_export_klein Café in Berlin
Café in Berlin
2MZ_1447_export_klein Art Lover
Art Lover
2MZ_0515_export_klein Don't Talk to Strangers
Don't Talk to Strangers
2MZ_0893_2_export_klein Birds over the city
Birds over the city
2MZ_0927_export_klein Central Station
Central Station
2MZ_1231_export_klein Stillness
2MZ_1302_export_klein Pictures at an Exhibition
Pictures at an Exhibition
2MZ_1297_export_klein Sculpture and real life
Sculpture and real life
2MZ_0661_export_klein In the KaDeWe
In the KaDeWe
2MZ_1206_export_klein Tasty Tasty
Tasty Tasty
2MZ_1001_export_klein To the Museum Island
To the Museum Island
2MZ_1019_export_klein In Berlin's backyards
In Berlin's backyards
2MZ_0981_export_klein Am Hakeschen Markt
Am Hakeschen Markt
2MZ_0913_export_klein_left Self Portrait In Hoodie
Self Portrait In Hoodie
2MZ_0742_2_export_klein Deepening
2MZ_0787_export_klein Protest against eating meat
Protest against eating meat
2MZ_0427_export_klein 1936-1937